Timothy Hall

Recording and Live Sound Instructor / Faculty Leader

With a career spanning over 15 years in the audio freelance industry, Tim has held just about every job an audio engineer can have. From A.D.R to Zeppelins on a boom, in the studio or on stage, Tim has learned that the key to remaining successful and surviving in this industry, is a well rounded jack of all trades with a heavy emphasis on one or two key skills to truly develop one’s passion into the necessary tools for their career.  He did not earn the nickname “Audio Batman” in grad school for nothing because his true talent is the ability to remain calm, analyze all aspects of a situation, and creatively adapt to solve the problem quickly to keep the show going while maybe cracking a few jokes along the way to keep tensions light 🙂

From his last 5 years of experience working as FOH (Front of House) engineer and now Tour Manager for Grammy award-winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum, Tim has had the privilege to mix concerts in Japan, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda as well as across the states with guest features from Fred Hammond, Donnie McCurklin, Yolanda Adams, Keiko Matsui, Maceo Parker, Jonathan Butler, Grace Kelly, Al Green, Deedee Bridgewater, Sheléa, Zahara, Wendy Moten, Bobby Jones, Miranda Curtis, Chanté Moore, and the list goes on and on. Tim is honored to be trusted to mix live sound for such amazingly talented musicians, and it is his pleasure to bring these sessions into the classroom for students to learn and play with tracks they wouldn’t normally get to play with.

What really makes Tim a unique audio instructor is the fact he has been professionally teaching and guiding students towards their own success for over 15 years alongside his freelance work whether it was during his time as a professor at MTSU, the Art Institute of TN, or a Show Gear Online training session through Skype with students in Lagos, Nigera and Port Harcourt. He was learning to survive in the industry while simultaneously teaching like-minded individuals his tricks and findings in a fashion that anyone (even without an audio background) can grasp and creatively expand on for their own workflow in a simple, down-to-earth and approachable manner. This is done with a level of passion and dedication to helping the student grow that is unmatched. Tim’s gift is the time he takes to develop the student not just as an engineer, but as a good human being to be proud to send out into the world.

Tim creates an open, immersive, inviting, and exciting class environment to keep students engaged through the technical jargon and up on their feet during the practical portion of each of his classes. His attention to detail and ability to cater his teaching style to the needs of the student are what really make him a valuable member of Tweed. That’s why he has been entrusted to develop the entire audio curriculum here to help you grow to your utmost potential with your passion.