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Tweed Recording’s Audio Production Certificate Program.


Applications to Tweed’s Audio Production Certificate Program programs are available online and may be submitted at any time. Once your application is received, you’ll be contacted by email with details on the next steps to take in order to complete your application.

Program Requirements & Next Steps:

Students must be 18 years of age or older, at time of enrollment. Students should have completed their high school degree or GED. The steps for enrollment are listed below. These steps should be completed no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of class.

  • The student begins their application on Tweed Recording’s website. The Director of Admissions will follow up with the students via email.
  • The student completes the second part of our application.
  • The Director of Admissions schedules a phone or in-person interview with the student. This will include an in-person or Zoom tour of the school.
  • Two letters of recommendation are submitted. These should be emailed to Melissa Bateman at or mailed to 140 E. Washington Street, Athens, GA 30601.
  • The student provides a copy of their high school, college, or GED transcript.
  • The student interviews with a Tweed Recording instructor.
  • The student signs the Enrollment Agreement and pays a $200 seat reservation fee to reserve their seat in the designated semester. This reservation fee will be applied to the student’s tuition payment and is refundable up until 2 weeks before the program’s start date.



Fall 2022

Class Begins: August 15

Labor Day: September 5

Thanksgiving: November 24 & 25

Class Ends: December 16

Spring 2023

Class Begins: January 9 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: January 16

Spring Break: April 3 – 7

Class Ends: May 19 


Tuition for the Audio Production Certificate program is $16,000, which includes a $200 seat reservation fee and all supplies and materials needed for the program. Tuition may be paid in full upfront or in two installments (50% at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the semester and 50% at week 9 of the program). Payments may be made by check or by card.

For more information regarding tuition and paying for our program, please contact Melissa Bateman at


Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation?

Mentors, teachers, or friends who can thoroughly and honestly assess your work ethic, determination, and passion for audio and music are ideal references.

Are international students eligible for enrollment in the Audio Production Certificate program?

We are currently unable to enroll international students in our APC program.

Can veterans use their VA benefits to pay their tuition?

We are currently unable to accept VA benefits for tuition payments.

Is the $16,000 tuition worth it?

When broken down per hour, our $16,000 tuition costs approximately $29.63 per instruction hour, which is less than the average university hourly rate. Our 18 week curriculum is designed to accomplish over two semesters of instruction and lab time in one semester. This equates to 540 hours of instruction and supervised work time during class and does not include the 42 hours per week of lab and studio access that students have outside of class. Combined with the small class size, this hands-on access time to our lab and studios make our tuition cost very competitive.

I’m considering Tweed as well as other audio programs. What are the advantages to Tweed’s program?

  • Our program is intense and only 18 weeks long. Classes meet from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. In less than 5 months, students have completed the program and received their certificate. For the student not looking for a four year college experience, we’re a great fit!
  • Our instructors developed our curriculum and regularly reassess it to ensure students are being best served. Our classes correlate and build on each other. What students learn in a morning class typically directly relates to what they work on during the next class. Nothing we teach is random or out of place!
  • While there are some lecture-based classes, the majority are hands-on, where students are applying what they’ve learned in individual or group projects.
  • Students are learning and working in the studios by the end of week 1.
  • Students have additional access to our DAW lab and studios after class, during the week until 11:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm.
  • Students are able to book studio time to practice what they’ve learned individually or with their classmates. Towards the program’s end, students are also able to book studio time to record personal projects with friends and clients.
  • Our collection of gear gives students an opportunity to learn both vintage and new, common and uncommon gear so they’re able to work comfortably in a commercial recording studio.
  • Our program incorporates the business and legal issues that musicians, engineers, and producers face as they start and navigate their careers.
  • Our students spend a minimum of 3 full weeks and several class dates during the program recording actual bands and artists. These students graduate with credits for this work that can be included on their resumes and websites.

Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships?

At this time, students are unable to pay their tuition using the Hope Scholarship, Zell Miller, and other federal or state programs. We are working to be able to offer Sallie Mae loans and scholarships in the future.

Do you offer a payment plan for tuition?

Students have two payment options for their tuition:
1. 100% of the tuition amount paid 2 weeks prior to the semester’s start date or
2. 50% of the tuition amount paid two weeks prior to the semester’s start date and the remaining 50% at week 9 of the program

Where is Tweed Recording located?

Tweed is located in downtown Athens, Georgia on E. Washington Street. We’re just around the corner from the Georgia Theatre and a few blocks from well known Athens music venues!

Where can I find information about housing in Athens?

Because of our proximity to the University of Georgia, there are ample student housing options in Athens. Some complexes offer short-term housing options, but often our students choose to sublease an apartment or house. Please contact the Director of Admissions for detailed information about housing options.

Where can I find information about parking near Tweed?

I work full time. Can I enroll in your certificate program?

Students are in class from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm during the week and are required to work after hours as part of the curriculum. They must also periodically work late hours in recording sessions. For this reason, it is incredibly difficult for a student to successfully complete our program while working full-time.

Do you offer part-time programs or workshops?

Throughout the year, we will offer short-term workshops that cover very specific topics. Those workshops will be advertised on our website and social media accounts as they become available.

Do you offer any programs for high school students?

Yes! Throughout the year we offer free one day High School Sessions during which students spend 3 hours creating music in Ableton in our DAW lab and 3 hours recording artists in our studios.

Does Tweed offer any job placement opportunities to its graduates?

Tweed does not guarantee a job or position to its graduates. However, our instructors are willing to recommend or serve as a reference for qualified students in their job or internship searches after graduation. Students who achieve a level of Distinguished or Proficient are eligible to receive school credit for an internship approved as part of our TR115: Optional Audio Production Externship course.

How will my education at Tweed help me get a job after graduation?

Dedicated students who graduate from our program will have a strong foundation in audio production and engineering, beginning with the basic physics of sound through the mixing and mastering of songs. Students will have an understanding of the business and legal issues of the music industry and will have encountered numerous engineers, artists and producers in the Athens and Atlanta area. After working in multiple recording sessions, students will graduate with credits that they can include on their resumes and websites. Our instructors and staff will help connect and advise students as best as they can, taking into account the student’s career and personal goals, as well as production and engineering skill sets.

What Students Are Saying

Hearing everybody talk about their stories and everything has kind of inspired me to continue after this path and look for new ways to improve on what I’m doing already.

– Joy

The Saturday Session taught me how to do different things and how to experience different sounds that I’ve never heard before or used. I thought it was really, really cool!

– Isaac

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