David S. Dwyer


David S. Dwyer has been on a journey but is back where it all started, living in Athens and serving as Tweed’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). After growing up in Athens during its early stages as a music scene, David left for Duke University where he studied economics and architectural history. After graduating Duke, David started his career in real estate development in Washington DC. Through the years David lived and worked along the East Coast. He managed institutional investment portfolios and later the holdings of a Forbes-listed European family, and along the way developed some cool places to live and work and play. In time David developed a unique view into the housing crisis. His compulsion to address it drove David to the world of affordable housing where he helped transform blighted neighborhoods to thriving communities. After 10 years of success in that effort, David returned to Athens in search of a higher quality of life for his wife and son. This allowed him to pursue meaningful projects that would enrich his hometown. With a client list that included powerhouse craft brewery (and the choice for Thor) Creature Comforts Brewing Company, Nation-leading student housing developer Landmark Properties, large global investors such as GEM Realty Capital and EDR, and countless, retail, small business start-ups, and restaurants (including a James Beard Award winner) in Athens, David was introduced to Andrew Ratcliffe to assess Athens as a home for Tweed. As was typical of David’s involvement in the past, the role for Tweed grew from site selection to project planning to business strategy. In 2019, Andrew convinced David to take a formal role in the company and continue his role of assessment, planning, and execution. David sees much of his role as a continuation of helping small businesses, as every Tweed graduate will have the option of being exactly that if they want.

Tweed’s name implies a fabric woven together with many components, textures, and colors. Its objectives are ambitious, but the complexity of keeping it all together is what attracted David to this role. The solidifying element in his decision however is not just the opportunity to bring together his passions for music, education, and fitting businesses with just the right space, but also the people that Andrew Ratcliffe has brought together and the goals that Tweed espouses. Nothing in those goals is more vital than that of training and educating passionate people in the critical area of communicating and preserving sound of all kinds. There is even a chance that while he’s keeping Tweed together, he can step into a classroom and talk about issues that affect new and small businesses, or that time at Duke when he took a class from jazz legend Paul Jeffery!

David and his wife Sandy live in one of Athens’ great pedestrian neighborhoods with their Bernese Mountain Dog, Guinness. Their son Henry is a professional track athlete with the Tinman Elite team based in Boulder, Co. David is a regular among Athens’ thriving food scene, and in his spare time likes to fly fish, hear the stories of people’s lives, and dive down rabbit holes in pursuit of knowing all he can about that which interests him: from Irish history to Himalayan climbing to health to architecture and whatever happened to ‘80’s one-hit-wonders.