Saturday Sessions

Get introduced to the world of capturing sound in a recording studio and digitally manipulating it using a digital audio workstation.

Saturday Sessions


Our FREE Saturday Sessions are geared to high school students who want an introduction to digital audio workstations. It’s held at Tweed Recording Audio Production Academy.

Whether you want to be better at being a Soundcloud rapper or if you’re considering a career in the music business, this is a great starting point.

In these sessions, in the morning students will be introduced to the world of capturing sound in a recording studio and digitally manipulating it using Ableton Live and Pro Tools.

Saturday afternoon students will take their new-found skills and assist in recording a live band in one of our state of the art recording studios.

In addition, students will be introduced to the many careers in audio engineering and music production.

We only have 24 seats available for these FREE Saturday Sessions, so apply now!

To apply for the Saturday Session at Tweed, please complete and submit your application at least 3 weeks before the session you’d like to attend.

You will be notified at least two weeks in advance about the status of your application. Due to the limited seating, we may not be able to accept everyone.


Saturday Session Schedule

  • The morning session (9AM – noon) will be in the digital audio lab where students will be introduced to Ableton Live and Pro Tools.
  • The afternoon session (1PM – 4PM) will be held in our recording studio, where students will assist in the recording of a local band.

Meet the Instructor

Nate Nelson

Nate Nelson

Recording Instructor

The Saturday Sessions Experience

What Students Are Saying

Hearing everybody talk about their stories and everything has inspired me to continue after this path and look for new ways to improve on what I’m doing already.

– Joy

The Saturday Session taught me how to do different things and how to experience different sounds that I’ve never heard before or used. I thought it was really, really cool!

– Isaac

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