Summer Camp for the Cool Kids

Learn how to compose and record music using Ableton and Pro Tools.

Summer Camp


During this week, students will record a band using a large format analog console in our recording studios, learn digital music production in our digital audio workstation lab, and set up and run live sound in our performance venue.

Throughout the week, students will gain experience in Ableton and Pro Tools to create and record music as well as understand the business and legal consequences of their songs and recordings.

The cost for this camp is $500. Lunch and all materials will be provided and included in the price.

Campers do not have to be musicians or have had previous knowledge or experience in producing or recording music. We have designed the experience to accommodate campers (ages 14-18) of all levels of audio experience.

Meet the Instructor

Nate Nelson

Nate Nelson

Recording Instructor

Summer Camp Video

What Students Are Saying

My favorite part is getting to use the software and go into the nitty gritty of it and get locked into it for a few hours. Usually we start with Nate will teaching us something new for the day and then saying this is how we apply it. I like that we have time to go do it, start mixing and producing.

– Sean

My favorite part has been just coming into this experience and just being with and meeting new people that are into music like me, that have the same passion, and working with them.

– Luis

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