Nate Nelson

Recording Instructor

Since before he could drive, Nate Nelson has learned about the recording industry by working in the recording industry. Whether he was engineering a live session in the back of a bar in Nashville, TN, designing a soundscape for a mattress commercial; writing and recording music for his own band, White Violet;  or producing a full-length record in a world-class studio, Nate developed his wide-ranging skill set by getting in the mix.

He has has worked as an engineer at various studios, including his own, Cortright Recordings, as well as Chase Park Transduction (Athens, GA), The Bomb Shelter (Nashville, TN), and Fidelitorium Recordings (Kernersville, NC). In addition to his work with White Violet, Nate has composed, performed and recorded original music for short films and commercials. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife, Chelsie, and their dog, Pamela.