Learn the Fundamentals of Live Audio Production

Join us for a live audio workshop in our live music venue, the Lewis Room!



Tweed Recording will offer FREE live audio workshops led by Mars Fariss on December 3, 2022 and January 14, 2023.  These workshops will introduce attendees to the basics of concert production and will provide time for working and mixing with live sound equipment in the Lewis Room!  

These workshops are available to anyone over the age of 16 and no experience is necessary!

The workshops are avocational introductions to specific music production topics and are not intended to prepare learners for employment.

Mars Fariss

Mars Fariss

Live Audio Production/Audio Electronics Instructor

Charlie Chastain

Charlie Chastain

Audio Production Instructor

What Students Are Saying

I took the workshop to learn Ableton, and wasn’t entirely sure if that was what I wanted to use, but I definitely know now that’s what I want to use. Mostly I was singing and rapping and I was having other people produce for me, but now I feel comfortable enough that I want to start producing for myself.

– Sean

My thoughts on music are more diverse now. Before I thought of music in more structural ways, but now I see it as more of based on whatever you want to listen to, whatever you think sounds good.

– Kayla

Universal Audio
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