Develop Your Music Production Skills

Our workshops are 1-3 day single topic seminars geared towards high school, college, and non-traditional students that teach the fundamentals of Ableton, Pro-Tools, Reason, the fundamentals of audio recording and more.


Tweed Recording Audio Production School will offer a series of topic-based workshops on nights and weekends. Availability of these workshops will be announced on social media and on this site. Workshops will include:

  • Building A Home Studio (12 hours)
    • Preparing the room
    • Budgets and Gear
    • Monitors and Microphones
    • Service and Products
    • Legal and  Business Consequences
  • Beat Making – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (12 hours each)
    • Ableton
    • Logic Pro
    • Sampling
    • File Management
    • Legal and Business Consequences
  • ProTools – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (12 hours each)
    • Session Set-up
    • Signal Flow, Gain Staging
    • Recording, Editing and Mixing
    • MIDI
    • Plugins
    • File Management
    • Legal and  Business Consequences
  • Music Business (12 hours)
    • Economics and Finance
    • Sectors – Labels, Publishers, Management Companies, Booking Agencies, Live Music
    • Career Opportunities
    • Copyright and Trademark
    • Contracts and Licenses
    • Registrations
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Production and Distribution
  • Legal Issues (12 hours)
    • Copyright
    • Contracts, Licenses
    • Negotiation, Terms, and Royalties
    • Performing Rights Organizations
    • Dealing with Lawyers
    • Copyright Infringement, Piracy, Sampling
  • Studio Recording – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (12 hours each)
    • Set Up, Signal Flow, Platform
    • Consoles, Mics, Gear, Cabling
    • Recording, Tracking, Overdubbing, Mixing
  • Advanced Mixing (12 hours)
    • Developing Workflow
    • Signal Processing
    • Using Automation
    • Consoles, Interfaces, and DAWs
    • Electronic vs Acoustic
    • Genre Based Mixing
  • Mastering (12 hours)
    • Room Treatment
    • Equipment
    • Translation and Loudness
    • Delivery and File Management
    • Critical Listening
    • Outcomes – Vinyl, Streaming, CD, YouTube, etc.
  • Podcasting, Audio Books, and ADR (12 hours)
    • Space Treatment
    • Hardware and Software
    • Narrative and Storytelling
    • Recording and Editing
    • File Management and Delivery

The workshops are avocational introductions to specific music production topics and are not intended to prepare learners for employment.

John Snyder

John Snyder

President / Music Business Instructor

Charlie Chastain

Charlie Chastain

Audio Production Instructor

What Students Are Saying

I took the workshop to learn Ableton, and wasn’t entirely sure if that was what I wanted to use, but I definitely know now that’s what I want to use. Mostly I was singing and rapping and I was having other people produce for me, but now I feel comfortable enough that I want to start producing for myself.

– Sean

My thoughts on music are more diverse now. Before I thought of music in more structural ways, but now I see it as more of based on whatever you want to listen to, whatever you think sounds good.

– Kayla

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