High School Sessions

Get introduced to the world of capturing sound in a recording studio and digitally manipulating it using a digital audio workstation.

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High School Sessions


Our FREE High School Sessions are geared for high school students wanting an introduction to studio recording, Pro Tools, and Ableton. 

Whether you want to be a better Soundcloud rapper or you’re considering a career in the music business, this is a great starting point!

High School Session Dates:

December 2: Home Studio Session – Level 2

During this session, we will walk students through the basics of setting up a home studio, including sound treatment and equipment and gear purchases. This session is only available for students who’ve completed an Introductory Level session.

This session will last 3 hours from 12pm until 3pm.

February 24: Intro Session for High School Students

We will introduce students to recording in a studio & composing in Ableton Live. There will be a focus on studio setup, microphones, recording drums, and how to use Ableton to compose music. This session provides 3 hours of learning in the studio and 3 hours of learning Ableton in our DAW lab.

This session will be from 9am until 4pm.

March 23: Studio Recording – Level 2

We will focus on recording in a studio and offer instruction on the operation of a large format console and recording concepts, such as gain vs. volume, polarity, compression, and EQ. This session is only available for students who’ve completed an Introductory session.

This session will be from 12pm until 4pm.

April 20: Ableton Live – Level 2

During this session, we will to in depth in teaching how to use Ableton Live to create music and will provide more time for students to compose their own song using the Ableton Push This session is only available for students who’ve completed an Intro Session.

This session will last from 12pm until 4pm.



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The High School Sessions Experience

What Students Are Saying

Hearing everybody talk about their stories and everything has inspired me to continue after this path and look for new ways to improve on what I’m doing already.

– Joy

The High School Session taught me how to do different things and how to experience different sounds that I’ve never heard before or used. I thought it was really, really cool!

– Isaac

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